FAQ (Eng)
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FAQ (Eng)

What is PhotoOp?

PhotoOp is an abbreviation for Photo Opportunity. It is often used for staged events when a large gathering of (press) photographers line up to get the same picture. Here it is used a bit tongue-in-cheek. It is hard for any photographer to get a gallery show and PhotoOp is trying to address this in “a democratic photo exhibition” where one and all are welcome to show off their photography.

I signed up, now what?

Great! You will receive further information detailing the next step.

Is there a theme?

No, but if you plan to exhibit more than 1 image (max 3) you might want to show three images on one theme.

Is there a fee to participate?

The Hague

Yes, this is to cover the cost of renting the gallery. etc. therefore we ask for a contribution of 30 Euros for one weekend or 45 Euros for two weekends (incl BTW).


Yes, this is to cover the cost of renting the gallery. etc. therefore we ask for a contribution of 300 SEK (inkl. moms).

Where will it be?

The Hague

Korte Vijverberg 2, across the street from Mauritshuis, right in the Center of The Hague


Triangeln, Galleria (Mall), 2nd floor Take the escalator upp at Espresso House, turn left and walk approx 50 meters and we will be on the right hand side next to Skechers.


The Hague

October/November 2020


3-5 April, 2020

Can I invite friends to the opening party and the show?

Absolutely, invite as many friends and family as you wish. This is your moment to show off and shine.

Who is promoting PhotoOp?

We will distribute a press release, post on facebook, Instagram and other Social media.

BUT we also ask that you spread the word to family, friends and their friends. Use your  network and Social media channels to reach out. We want as many as possible to see yours and all other pictures exhibited……. This is “a democratic photo exhibition”,

How is it promoted?

Once the participation fee is paid you will be asked to send one picture 1080 pixels  (longest side) to PhotoOp for promotion on the website and in Social Media. You are encouraged to watermark the picture so people know who you are.

What is offered at the opening?

A few short words of welcome and then it is up to you to brag and talk about your picture(s). Feel free to bring drinks and snacks for your guests.

Can I sell my picture(s) at the exhibition?

Sure. Feel free to set a price on your picture and if you sell a picture the money is yours. We would be happy if you buy us a round though 😉

How many pictures can I exhibit?

Up to 3 pictures per photographer. If you book two weekends you may change the pictures between the weekends.

How large can the pictures be?

Mimimum size is 40×40 cm (incl frame) and largest 100×70 cm (incl frame). Don’t forget that depending on space avaliable your three pictures may have to hang above each other.


You are responsible for printing and mounting (framing) your own pictures. All images must be printed or displayed with a hard back and hanging devices on the back. You can print (or mount) on dibond, plexiglass, foamcore (kapafix), canvas (mounted on a frame),  or frame traditionally. All artwork must be hung along one vertical perlon wire (2mm thick). Each exhibitor will be allocated one wire equalling 1 meter of wall width. Nothing can be directly attached to the walls.

When will we hang the exhibition?

Usually the day (Thursday) before the opening. More details https://photoop.eu/gallery-info/

Do I have to name or caption my picture?

No, but we recommend that you stick a note on the image or the frame with your name and contact e-mail if you want to be reachable. If you wish to sell your picture a price is also OK. If you have business cards or flier bring some.

Do I have to hang around during the exhibition?

Of course, we want you to be around for as much as possible of the exhibition opening hours as it is your chance to interact with people who love your photography.  You will be required to volunteer at the exhibition for at least two hours during the beyond the opening evening. A roster will be drawn up. The more the merrier as it is your opportunity to mingle and talk photography with colleagues and clients. So don’t miss out!

When do I pick up my picture after the exhibition?

After the official closing. If you cannot pick the pictures up on Sunday please let the gallery know when you will pick them up.

Refund policy

Should you be unable to attend after paying the registration fee but before you have sent in the promotional picture we reserve the right to refund only 50% of the transmitted amount. Should you withdraw once your promotional picture is published on photoop.eu and/or associated social media there are no refunds.

In case the exhibition is cancelled by the organisers a full refund will be given.

Hope this answers most of your questions. If we missed something let us know.


Henry & Charlie