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What is…

PhotoOp is an abbreviation for Photo Opportunity, we use it a bit tongue in cheek.

It is hard for any photographer to get a gallery show and PhotoOp is trying to address this in “a democratic photo exhibition” where one and all are welcome to show off their photography. All participants share costs and commit to being a host for a few hours during the exhibition. If you want to know more, scroll down to SignUp for the next edition.

Simple rules…

  • 3 pictures per photographer, one meter width of wall
  • min size 40×40 cm max 100×70 cm (framed or hardback)
  • you hang and take it down yourself
  • host the exhibition for two hours

Sign up today (below), limited number of exhibitors

Read FAQ
  • 3 bilder per fotograf, en löpmeter vägg
  • min storlek 40×40 cm max 100×70 cm (inramat eller hardback)
  • du hänger och tar ner själv
  • voluntär i två timmar under utställningen

Skriv in dig redan nu (nedan), det finns ett begränsat antal platser.



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“What a wonderful experience to see your works hanging in a gallery and have people looking at them, asking questions about how you photographed!
It was really nice to meet fellow photographers, with very different work, but same enthusiasm.
..and I sold one of my pictures! I could not believe it when a couple, both photographers, wanted to buy one of my works! It is a moment I will not forget!
Thank you PhotoOp!”
– Cristina


The Hague 2019

Malmö 2019

The Hague 2018